10:00 AM - Sunday School
11:00 AM - Worship Service
6:00 PM - Evening Service

6:30 PM - Prayer & Bible Study

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Many children today think that church is dry and boring. They think that attending church is something to be endured. This is not the case for children who attend White Drive Baptist Church. Services and activities are always entertaining as well as educational. Your children will never have more fun learning to be like Christ! Not only are children taught Bible principles at White Drive Baptist Church, but they also have FUN! Children feel that they are a part of something great when they are on a class roll, a club member, or a player on a team. Your child will never feel as if they are tagging along with their parents, but they will feel that they are a part of something special.

Walking together as we experience the
life-changing journey of knowing Jesus.
- Pastor Adam Longo